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About Us

Caprice Car Service, founded in 1989, embodies a timeless establishment that has stood strong for 34 years, supporting the Queens County community and neighboring boroughs. This legacy blends tradition and innovation seamlessly.


The company not only upholds tradition but also embraces innovation, exemplified by its cutting-edge mobile application that redefines convenience and reliability in transportation. This app ensures punctuality, precision, and tranquility, reflecting its user-friendly design. The dedicated office team is available round-the-clock to address queries about upcoming journeys, regardless of distance.


Caprice Car Service extends its reach from quick getaways to major destinations like airports, bus terminals, shopping districts, luxury hotels, serene parks, crucial hospitals, enriching museums, and educational institutions. Even extensive journeys fall within their capability. A simple call or a few taps on the intuitive app unlocks tailored transportation solutions.


Beyond being a mere ride, Caprice Car Service offers an immersive experience. Its unwavering commitment to excellence has cultivated a remarkable reputation, with over 70% of its flourishing business stemming from delighted referrals. These satisfied clients amplify the story of exceptional service that the company takes immense pride in.


Every mile traversed with Caprice Car Service forms enduring memories. From the lively streets of Woodside to the core of Queens, NYC, they redefine the concept of a premier car service. Embark on a timeless journey where each expedition becomes a cherished adventure.

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